A day offshore with Flomotion Family Member

Offshore Summers w/ @phunkybuttlovin and crew



After a few snoozes of the alarm it was time to get moving. I threw on my Bamboo Sunshirt, Rico Volleys and our new Outline Performance Hat. The perfect combo for sun protection while staying cool.



I made it to the dock right on time and within minutes we had the music and throttle on full blast to make sure we get to the beach by first light. 



With a breathtaking sunrise as a backdrop, @phunkybuttlovin was on his best behavior and only took about 10 minutes to fill our live well with pogies for the day.



We arrived on location a little over 30 miles offshore. After @phunkybuttlovin finished all the rigging, we threw on some squid, sent it down with a 12oz weight and without hesitation we were all hooked up. Although we managed to pull in about 5 beeliners (vermillion snappers), we were chased to the next spot by a few hungry sharks.



As soon as we got to the next spot, @phunkybuttlovin tossed one of our sunrise pogies off the back and we began trolling around for kingfish. I want to say not even 2 minutes after, we heard the reel start screaming. Per usual, chaos ensued and everyone tried to figure out their job to get this fella on the boat.



We continued to troll around and had a couple more screamers that yielded us 2 more sizable kingfish. 




At one point, while I was pulling in a grunt that I had just caught, a cobia dashed from under the boat, swallowed the grunt, and ran for its life. What a catch that one was.


We fished into the afternoon and hit a few more spots in search of some trigger  to cap off our species for the day. Of course @phunkybuttlovin's coordinates didn't disappoint and we were able to snag two right off the bottom before heading in. 




We made it back to the dock just in time for the rain. 


@phunkybuttlovin used his handy dandy electric knife and went to work filleting all of our fish while we finished up cleaning the boat. 

Thanks to @phunkybuttlovin and crew for this epic day in Florida 


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